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Rats nails should be clipped on a regular basis to make sure you don't get scratched and they don't get to long and curl and cut into the rats paw or make it hard for the rat to walk.
The best way to keep a rats nails short is to clip them, I use a baby finger nail clippers, which I find the best to do the job. It is small enough so you don't have to worry about cutting the toe next to the one your cutting. Just that their toes are pretty close together and it makes it harder using a bigger clipper. But any is clipper is good, just be extra careful using the bigger ones.

The rats left hand
Holding the rat ( with your left hand if your right handed) just like in this picture and make sure you have the rats arm under your control using your fingers, so they don't move it. Then cut the white part of the nail making sure you don't cut the part that is pink.
The rat's right hand >>
And for her right front hand, you can see how I use my fingers to hold the leg still so I don't cut her.

<< The back feet
For the back feet I hold her around the arm pits and put her foot on my leg. I try to get her toe nails as close to the edge of my leg as possible so that the nails are almost over the edge, and get under the nail with the clippers and cut the white part, I also hold them a different way sometimes for this, but since I did pretty good getting my daughter to take these pictures I didn't want to push it. She was watching her show Sailor moon, LOL!! I sometimes hold them in my arms and hold the foot I'm doing, and cut the white nails.

I hope this helps everyone with cutting nails. Don't worry, you and your rats will get use to it, most of my rats don't mind this even the new babies that never had it done yet... If you have any problems, just try to put something yummy on your hand, the one that you hold your rat with, they will be to busy licking away to worry about what your doing.
Mommy's little helper!! >>
My younger daughter helping me out here, LOL!! She was giving MIMI kisses while I clipped her nails.